HR Activities

Recruitment & Selection: Company’s policy about hiring of employees is very clear. Company never compromises on quality of the candidate. To invite the application of best candidates for the required vacancy and to choose the best from them, candidates has to go through many stages.

Salary Structure and Increment System: To hire the best and to retain them, company provides best possible salary structure and timely annual increments based on their performances.

Training Programmes: To improve the skills and enhance the capabilities of employees, various training programmes like 5-s, TPM, Gemba Kaizen, Safety, Material Handling, Fire Fighting, Discipline, Training for new technology implemented in company, Awareness about general work instructions, Machine Operating etc. are organised.

5-S: To improve the conditions of work place and house keeping standards 5-s has been implemented in the company.

Suggestion-Scheme: For participation of employees in the progress of company at all level, this scheme has been started.

Self-Appraisal: So that employees can asses their performance themselves this system has been implemented. Performance targets are set for employees and on the basis of those set targets v/s their actual performance appraisal forms are filled.

Motivation of Employees: To motivate the employees various activities are conducted time to time. Their views are collected by various surveys and if they have any problems or grievances, those are solved by management.

Various Committees: To conduct various activities and to plan for the future various committees have been formed like Plant Management Committee, Departmental Management Committee, 5-s committee, Suggestion committee, SHE (Safety, Health & Environment) committee etc.

Incentives:To motivate employees and to utilise their potential at the fullest various incentive are given to them like Attendance Incentive, Production Incentive etc.